Joker Action Figure

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Joker Action Figure — a roundup of the best and newest Joker figurines available on the market. Get ready to have some fun as we explore the highly anticipated and collectible figurines inspired by the iconic villain from DC Comics. Read on to find out which Joker figurines are worth adding to your collection.

The Top 6 Best Joker Action Figure

  1. The Joker: The Criminal Limited Edition Action Figure — Experience the twisted mind of Gotham City’s most notorious villain with the Gold Label Collection The Joker: The Criminal Limited Edition Action Figure, perfect for fans of chaos!
  2. Collectible DC Joker Action Figure — Unleash the ultimate Joker experience with an intricately detailed, 22-point articulated, collectible action figure — a must-have for DC Universe enthusiasts!
  3. DC Universe’s Batgirl vs. Joker Action Figures — Experience epic battles with DC Universe’s Fighting Figures Series 1 Batgirl vs. Joker 2-Pack, featuring spring-loaded power and highly detailed, small-scale action figures!
  4. Highly Posable Justice League Joker Action Figure — A hilariously flexible and posable Joker Action Figure that’s perfect for kids to enjoy and collect as a part of the DC Justice League series.
  5. Batman Illuminated Joker Figurine Issue #3 — Illuminate your collection with the Joker Action Figure from The Bradford Exchange, featuring a striking magenta suit and action-packed lighting effects.
  6. Joker Figure from DC Comics by Artoyz Originals — Experience the Joker like never before with the stunning 23cm Artoyz Figurine, fusing exceptional craftsmanship from Leblon Delienne and Artoyz Originals in a DC Comics masterpiece!

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🔗The Joker: The Criminal Limited Edition Action Figure


The Joker: The Criminal Limited Edition action figure is a unique addition to any Batman collector’s library. The release of this intriguing version of The Joker in November 2023 has only added to the character’s notoriety.

I was thoroughly impressed with the attention to detail in this action figure. The white skin, green hair, and red lips perfectly captured the character’s unforgettable appearance. The inclusion of the “Criminal” tagline added an interesting twist to the infamous clown’s typical chaos-inducing persona.

However, the most thrilling aspect of this action figure was the connection to Joe Chill. The idea of The Joker devising a plan with this significant figure to take down Batman truly brought the figure to life. It’s a testament to the character’s depth and complexity, and it made me appreciate the creative writing behind this version of The Joker.

Overall, The Joker: The Criminal Limited Edition action figure has been a delightful addition to my collection, and I eagerly await the opportunity to display this masterpiece among my other Batman memorabilia.

🔗Collectible DC Joker Action Figure


I recently got my hands on the Joker (Gold Label) figure from the DC Multiverse, and I must say, it’s quite a sight to behold. Standing at a whopping 18 cm tall, it’s a true testament to the level of detail McFarlane Toys put into this collectible. The figure is designed with over 20 moving parts, allowing for a full range of poses and play. My favorite feature has to be the collectible art card that comes with each figure, featuring a great piece of artwork on the front and a character biography on the back. It’s a nice touch that adds a bit of extra value.

Now, there are a few downsides to consider. As with any popular collectible, getting your hands on the figure can be a bit of a challenge due to high demand. Additionally, I’ve heard some horror stories about damaged packaging during shipping — though, thankfully, mine arrived in perfect condition.

Overall, the Joker (Gold Label) figure is a fantastic addition to any collector’s shelf, with stunning detail and a unique design that sets it apart from other action figures out there. If you can manage to snag one for yourself, it’s absolutely worth the purchase.

🔗DC Universe’s Batgirl vs. Joker Action Figures


When I first held the DC Universe Fighting Figures Series 1 Batgirl vs. Joker Action Figure 2-Pack, I knew it was something special. These small figures packed quite the punch, with their spring-loaded power making me feel like a kid again.

The Batgirl figure stood tall and fierce, ready to take down her foe. The vivid colors on her costume made her look even more intimidating. On the other hand, the Joker figure was just as menacing, with his eerie smile reminding me of the twisted nature of the character.

One thing I particularly loved was the action pose of these figures. Batgirl was about to take a swing at the Joker, while Joker was cackling with joy. It felt like witnessing a scene straight out of a comic book.

However, these small figures did have a drawback. They were quite easy to knock over, as the slightest breeze could tip them over. But overall, considering the fun and excitement they brought, this was a minor issue I could overlook.

🔗Highly Posable Justice League Joker Action Figure


Introducing the Mattel Joker Flextreme Bendable Action Figure, a colorful and flexible addition to your Justice League collection! . Measuring 7 inches tall, the Joker boasts impressive elasticity, allowing you to create an incredible range of dynamic poses. This Flextreme version offers a humorous twist on the iconic DC Super Hero, making him a fun collectible for fans of all ages! .

🔗Batman Illuminated Joker Figurine Issue #3


I was immediately intrigued by this Joker action figure, an exclusive design for Batman fans by The Bradford Exchange. Standing at about 7.5 inches, it’s a striking piece that captures the notorious villain’s magnetic glow, thanks to its eye-popping magenta suit. The figurine is set in an illuminated Batcomputer, complete with an action-packed word, “ZAP! ! “ — a charming touch that adds a layer of authenticity to it.

However, it runs on two AA batteries that are not included, which might be a minus for some customers. Moreover, the edition is limited to just 295 days of casting, so fans need to move quickly if they want to collect this unique piece. Overall, this Joker action figure is an excellent addition to the Batman figurine collection, offering a nostalgic and captivating experience for any fan of the classic TV series. The Bradford Exchange has outdone themselves with this one.

🔗Joker Figure from DC Comics by Artoyz Originals


I was excited to try the BEMS Figurine DC Comics Joker action figure from Artoyz. As a fan of the Joker and DC Comics, I thought it would be a great addition to my collection. Standing at 23cm tall, the figure is quite impressive and certainly eye-catching. The sculpting talent from Leblon Delienne truly shines through in this figurine, with every detail captured in stunning vinyl.

One of the main highlights of this figure is its unique design, which really brings the Joker to life. The attention to detail in the paint job and character design is remarkable, making it a standout piece in my collection. However, the figure could have benefited from a better base that would stabilize it better.

Overall, the BEMS Figurine DC Comics Joker action figure from Artoyz is an excellent addition to any fan’s collection. The combination of the sculpting talent from Leblon Delienne and the unique design from Artoyz Originals really brings these characters to life, making this figurine a true work of art.

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the perfect Joker action figure requires considering several factors. From its sculpt to its accessories, understanding the nuances of each type will help you make an informed decision. Here, we’ll guide you through the essential elements of a Joker action figure and provide tips to ensure your purchase meets your expectations.


Important Features of Joker Action Figures

  1. Sculpt: The sculpt of an action figure is one of the most significant aspects to consider. Look for a Joker figure with a well-detailed, accurate representation of the character’s likeness. Pay attention to his iconic purple suit, white face, and green hair. The sculpt should capture his unique appearance and portray the Joker’s dark and twisted persona.

Scale and Size

  1. Scale: Action figures come in different sizes and scales. For a Joker action figure, ensure the figure’s scale matches the collection you plan to build or the other figures in your display. Common scales include 1:18, 1:6, and 1:4, so consider which scale will best fit your collection and display space.


  1. Articulation: Articulation is essential for an action figure, allowing you to pose the character in various ways. A good Joker action figure should have multiple joints, enabling you to display the figure in dynamic poses. Ensure the joints are sturdy and the figure is easy to pose without breaking.


  1. Accessories: Joker action figures often come with various accessories to enhance play or display options. Common accessories include weapons, additional hands, and alternate heads showing different emotions or versions of the character. Check the accessories packed with the figure to ensure they match the character’s theme and that they are in good condition.


What is the Joker Action Figure?

The Joker Action Figure is a toy representation of the popular antagonist from the Batman comics and movies. It is designed for collectors and fans of the character, bringing the iconic villain to life in a three-dimensional form. The figure varies in detailing and size depending on the brand and version, offering different levels of accuracy and articulation.

Some common features of Joker Action Figures include a highly detailed costume, accessories such as weapons and tools, and a range of movement functions. The figure might be made of materials such as ABS plastic, PVC, or other high-quality materials to ensure durability and collectability. Some versions may also include a base or stand to display the figure.


What are the different versions of the Joker Action Figure?

There are numerous versions of the Joker Action Figure available, each with its own unique design and features. Some of the most popular include the Mattel DC Multiverse Joker, the McFarlane Toys Joker, the Hot Toys MMS464 Joker, the Funko POP! Movie: Joker, and the Kotobukiya ARTFX+ Joker. These variations differ in their size, detailing, and accessories, catering to different preferences and budgets.

For collectors and fans looking for the most accurate representation of the Joker, some high-end collectible brands may offer figures with exquisite detailing and materials. These figures might be created by master artisans or sculptors, who strive to capture the essence of the character and its distinct characteristics. The availability of these figures may be limited, but they can be found at specialty toy stores, conventions, or online retailers.

What is the price range for Joker Action Figures?

The price range for Joker Action Figures can vary significantly, depending on the brand, size, and level of detailing. Generally, you can find figures in the affordable $10-$50 range, which includes budget-friendly offerings from brands like Funko POP! , McFarlane Toys, and Mattel. These figures may be smaller and less detailed but can still offer enjoyable versions of the character.

For collectors looking for high-end, detailed versions of the Joker, you can expect to pay between $100-$200 or even higher. These figures, made by brands such as Hot Toys and Kotobukiya, offer a greater level of detailing, materials, and accessories, often including multiple heads, additional hands, and interchangeable costume pieces.


What accessories are included with the Joker Action Figure?

The accessories included with the Joker Action Figure can vary depending on the brand and version. However, some common accessories to look for include weapons such as guns, knives, and bombs, along with tools like a crowbar, wrench, or other gadgets. Additional items could include smoke bombs, playing cards, or even a small base or display stand.

It’s essential to check the specific product listing or packaging for details on which accessories are included with each Joker Action Figure, as some may have limited or unique offerings. Additionally, some accessories may only be available as part of a set or bundled with other figures, so it pays to do some research before making a purchase.

How durable are Joker Action Figures?

The durability of a Joker Action Figure depends on the brand and materials used. Generally, higher-quality figures made of materials like ABS plastic or PVC are more likely to withstand rough handling and maintain their integrity over time. These figures are also often designed with better articulation points, which can make them more resistant to damage.

Affordable, budget-friendly figures, which may be made of softer materials or have limited articulation, may be more prone to breaking or wearing down. As with any toy, it’s essential to handle Joker Action Figures with care to ensure their longevity. If you plan to display your figures, avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, as these factors can cause color fading and degradation of materials.

Are there any limited editions of the Joker Action Figure?

Yes, there are limited edition Joker Action Figures available. Some brands and manufacturers may produce a smaller number of figures with unique paint jobs, accessories, or variations on the character design. These limited editions are often sought after by collectors and can command higher prices in the market.

It’s essential to verify the authenticity of any limited edition figures before purchasing, as counterfeits or replicas may be available online. Familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s signature styles or packaging, which can help you confirm the legitimacy of the product. Research the brand’s history and track record, as well as reviews from other collectors or experts, to ensure you’re getting a genuine, limited edition figure.

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